Make sure you’re security camera system is legal!

Home security cameras add an extra layer of security to your property and help deter would-be criminals from disrupting your property. The legality of security cameras and other recording methods has become newsworthy in recent years with the cost of home security cameras falling. Are security cameras legal in Oklahoma? We’ll try to answer that question.

If you are considering a home security camera it is important to know the state and local laws that control how and where you can use such devices. The following is a brief look at the Oklahoma state and local laws that might influence your use of home security cameras.

Are security cameras legal in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has several laws a homeowner should be familiar with before installing a home security camera system. Oklahoma statute §21-1171, commonly known as the “Peeping Tom” law, prohibits the use of video equipment in a clandestine manner to record others without consent in an areas where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy. This law does not affect your right to a home surveillance system unless your cameras are recording any private area of your neighbor’s property (i.e. interior rooms, fenced backyard, etc.).

Once you have a properly configured security camera system installed, you should be aware of your rights and responsibilities to operate the system. Oklahoma statute §13.176.3 prohibits anyone from intercepting or disrupting your security camera signals, either to your internal storage device or to an external monitoring center.

Another Oklahoma law, Oklahoma statute §21-1993, prohibits others from tampering with or disabling your security cameras. This can include covering the camera, manipulating the signal, disconnecting the device, or destroying any part of the system.

Local Security Cameras Laws for Major Oklahoma Cities

Oklahoma cities have the right to develop legislation specific to their boundaries regarding the use of security cameras on private property. As of 2017, no cities have enacted such legislation to control the use of security camera systems. However, individual municipalities, communities, or sub-divisions might have unique rules for their areas.

If you live in a community with a council or Homeowner’s Association, it is best to check with the authority for your area to discuss your home security camera plans. Some organizations may not allow security cameras in their area, or have specific guidelines for their use.

Know How to Keep Your Home Security Cameras on the Right Side of the Law

Even though your city or county laws may not prohibit security cameras, subdivisions and communities may restrict their use within their jurisdiction. Before you consider a home security camera system, consult with your local Homeowner’s Association or community board to ensure security cameras are allowed in your area.

The best way to ensure your security camera systems are operating properly and lawfully is to have them installed and configured by a licensed security professional. U.S Alert Security provides home and business alarm and camera systems across Oklahoma State. For a free home security audit and quote, call 800-957-6111.

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